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About the museum

Cross the threshold into the enchanted world of dreams!

The unique collection presented at the Doll Museum in Bad Voslau will invoke feelings of nostalgia, mystery and wonder as the exhibits seem to exist outside of space and time. At the museum, there are more than 1000 unique art exhibits, dolls and toys waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, Villa Pazelt, the location of the museum itself, is equally exciting and deserves its own recognition as a magical place full of history and beauty.

Elena Vasilieva, a notable artist from Russia, personally created numerous exhibits that can be found at the museum.  She collected other pieces during her extensive trips around the world, each one lovingly restored by the artist before going on display. Elena is the artist who created, dreamed and breathed life into the Museum of Dolls in Bad Vöslau. The magical components in her works of art emphasize and embody the mystical architecture of the museum itself.Like a graceful swan - a PAVA (oldrus.) - her figures float across the stage to the music. Let yourself be enchanted by an elegance that is unparalleled.

But why, what drives a person to create a museum dedicated to toys? It is Elena’s belief that inside, every adult continues to be a child and it is this child that yearns to be seen and heard. The artist wants to create a bridge to this inner child and thus, take us back to our childhood memories of bedtime tales and hours spent in play without a care in the world. The museum is a portal and allows adults that have already forgotten about the miracle of childhood, to revert to that state when everything is possible!

About the artist

Elena Vasilyeva

Elena Vasilyeva was born in Perm, Russia and is a master of decoupage. which is an ancient technique used for creating art dolls. This 200-year-old art technique is similar to the napkin technique still practiced by many crafters today. The master creates unique dolls, which are exhibited in the museum of doll art which she supervises in Bad Vöslau and also makes custom dolls to order.

Her love for dolls and toys can be seen in the sheer  number of exhibits presented at the museum of doll art. She created the museum herself through her devotion and passion for toys, she also collected and rescued pieces during her trips around the world, bringing them back to lovingly restore and give a new home.

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The doll art museum

Matroschka exhibition

“Monster High” – Dolls

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Villa Pazelt in Bad Vöslau

Historic flair, comfortable stay at Villa Pazelt

Villa Pazelt was built in 1895 by the Austrian architect Ludwig Baumann. Situated in the centre of Bad Vöslau, the historic building features Swiss and neo-baroque style elements. The villa was purchased by the current owners, Erwin Paierl and Elena Vasilyeva, in 2018. In addition to two studios that are available to guests, the villa also houses the Bad Vöslau Doll Museum.

The villa has a beautiful garden, which guests are welcome to use. It is within walking distance of many local attractions and comes with a parking space for each studio.