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The doll art museum

The museum

We want to emphasise the magical essence of the dolls through the mystical architecture of our museum, an essence which also persists even in the modern world. 

The most beautiful and striking characteristic of any person is their inner child. A doll, a toy is the magical bridge which links us with this captivating world, the world of childhood, a time of fairy-tales and magic. So we can return back to return to that place of wonder which we once experienced but have since forgotten – a place where everything is possible!

At our museum, you can find toys from all over the world and we are certain that one of them will awaken your inner child and bring you moments of happiness and nostalgia, taking you back to a time where you listened to fairy-tales before going to sleep.

The museum features a wide range of toys, from classical to traditional and from art objects to hand-made dolls.


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